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The History of H.E.A.D prone, inc.
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History of H.E.A.D.prone, inc.

The Beginning
The P3-Prone Positioning Pillow was invented by an orthopedic surgeon following surgery on his own cervical herniated disc. The doctor had a previous neck injury, but the actual herniation occurred after sleeping in the prone position with his neck turned. After this event, he spoke with anesthesiologists at various hospitals to find they had no satisfactory way to support a patient's head while lying in the prone position. The commonly used technique of turning the patient's head to the side during prone procedures has led to complications as severe as blindness. In researching the concept further, the doctor found that other prone pillows were usually of a closed design resulting in poor visualization of the face. With his colleague, he developed several prototypes that were tried until they came up with the present design for which a U.S. patent was received.
The Company
H.E.A.D. prone, inc. was incorporated in July 1995. The P3 was presented at the national meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists in Atlanta, GA. in October 1995, where it received an enthusiastic response from doctors and nurse anesthetists.
The P3-Prone Positioning Pillow
The P3 is a major improvement over other means of head support. Its use minimizes injury to the eyes, ears, nose and neck and allows nurses and anesthesiologists excellent visualization of the face and endotracheal tubes during surgery and in the intensive care unit.

Our customers state that the P3 is the best on the market for safer prone positioning of the head. There is a central cutout which can be used to achieve the "sniff" position (on your back with head forward and slightly extended for initial intubation). For lateral position (on your side), the cutout can be used as an axillary (under the arm) roll. This cutout is left in place for the supine (lying on your back) position. However, the primary benefit of the pillow is for safer prone positioning.

To date, the P3-Prone Positioning Pillow has been purchased by hospitals and medical centers throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. Further international marketing is in development.

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