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Features/Advantages of the P3 Pillow

The P3 is the Universal OR/ICU Pillow

< Picture of P3 and Competing Pillow > A Study of the P3's Effectivness in the Supine Position

    While primarily designed for use in the prone position, the P3-Prone Positioning Pillow has shown promising results when used in other common positions, as mentioned aboved. This study was conducted to prove the P3's effectiveness in the supine position (laying on your back, with or without an endotracheal tube inserted), compared with the common competing thinner pillow of closed design. X-Rays were taken of the patient in the same position, using both pillow types. On the X-Rays, the patient's airway (larynx) has been highlighted with arrows for easier comparison. Click any of the images in the "Thumbnails" column to view the full-size image.

The Common Thinner Pillow Used Prior to the P3 in Supine Position

Picture of patient using a competing prone positioner in supine position. Due to the lower height of the pillow, notice that the patient's head is tilted too far back (extended), resulting in a narrowed airway (between arrows).
The P3-Prone Positioning Pillow

This setup shows the P3 used in the supine position. The "sniff" position (head forward and only slightly extended) is thus attained. Notice that the patient's airway is more open (between arrows) with the P3. This provides a better position to insert an endotracheal tube at the beginning of an operation, and can lessen tube irritation of vocal cords and trachea.

Below is a picture of an actual operation using the P3 in the supine position.


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