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The P3 In Action

The P3's Label

Every P3 Pillow comes with the appropriate label for that pillow´s size. The label has detailed instructions of how to use the pillow safely and effectively. By placing the instructions on every pillow, you will always have them available for easy reference when needed.
Prone Position

The P3 has proven effective in reducing pressure to the face during procedures requiring the prone position. It provides increased safety against complications such as blindness. The P3's open design allows easy access to endotracheal and other tubing used during surgery and in the ICU, as well as a clear view of the patient´s face. The open end of the U-shape can be pointed in a left or right direction, for convenient positioning of anesthesia equipment.
Lateral Position

While using the P3 in the lateral position, the center cut-out can be used as an axillary roll for increased comfort of the patient, and to pad the axilla.
Supine Position

The P3's foam cut-out can be replaced quickly in order to convert the pillow for sturdier central support in the supine position. The advantageous "sniff" position is obtained as explained in Features.
The One Piece P3

Each packed P3 includes the center foam cut-out, which can be retained for many uses (see Features).
A Separated P3

The P3 is separated for use in the prone or lateral positioning of a patient.

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