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The History of H.E.A.D prone, inc.
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Online Shopping Coming Soon!

    H.E.A.D. prone, inc. is committed to providing a convenient credit card-based online ordering system for our customers. However, this system is still under development. You can still order cases of the P3-Prone Positioning Pillow through more conventional means. Please check back for your next order.

Call, Fax, or Mail Your Order
The P3-Prone Positioning Pillow is exclusively distributed by C.P.R. LTD. Call us at (866) 541-1776 to place an order, or fax your order to (866) 668-7299. Both numbers are toll-free. For fax or mail orders, please include name, title, telephone number, and a copy of your purchase order.

Mailing Address:
7035 W. 65th Street
Bedford Park, IL 60638
We have updated our pricing (shipping and handling not included):

Per Pillow
Per Case of 10
Per Case of 36
Adult $19.95 $95.00 (only $9.50 each) $342.00 (only $9.50 each)
Child (1-9 years) $19.95 $87.50 (only $8.75 each) $315.00 (only $8.75 each)
Infant (Birth to 1 yr) $19.95 $79.50 (only $7.95 each) $286.20 (only $7.95 each)

You can contact the inventor if you have any questions about the product.

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